7 Tips for Choosing a Rain Showerhead

A Rain Showerhead is one of the best ways to ensure that your whole body is covered while taking a bath and provides a great look to your bathroom too.

Rain Shower

Want to learn a few more reasons why you should consider a rain showerhead? Here are a few advantages of using a rain showerhead at home:

1. Better Coverage

Since a rain showerhead is designed in a way that it lies directly above your head, it provides you a better shower and coverage than a standard showerhead.

Usually, a rain showerhead comes in a square size and measures around 8×8 inches, it also has a radius of only 2 inches as compared to a standard showerhead. Since it provides you more coverage, you are bound to enjoy more while bathing and there is no need to adjust the shower head while bathing anymore.

All you have to do is stand still beneath the rain showerhead, no need to move side from side anymore too to get your body parts wet.

2. Different water flow rates

If you consider a good high-quality rain shower head, then you would also have options for different water flow settings. You have an option to use a higher water spray if you want a good strong shower and you can use a lower spray setting if you are more conscious about the water wastage.

3. Looks attractive

It comes in different shapes and sizes and looks better than a standard showerhead. So, if you get a showerhead with an elegant style and finish then you can easily enhance the look of your bathroom.

4. Factors to Consider when choosing a Rain Showerhead

So, now that you know about the advantages of having a rain showerhead, let’s talk about factors and features that one must consider when selecting a good rain showerhead for themselves. Here are a few things that you need to consider:

5. Determine the Showerhead Size

The size of your rain showerhead will determine the coverage of your showerhead. If you select a larger sized rain showerhead, then you would obviously have much more coverage.

If you are conscious about wasting water, then you can consider a rain shower head which would cover your body perfectly without wasting water. An 8×8 inches rain showerhead is usually an ideal size.

6. Consider the appropriate Style and Finish

Rain Showerheads come in different styles and finishes which makes it more attractive and appealing than a standard showerhead. So, you can buy a rain showerhead which complements your bathroom and makes it look more appealing.

Style and Finish

If you have chrome bathroom accessories, then make sure that you buy a chrome finish rain showerhead to complement your bathroom.

7. Consider the Water Flow Configuration

As discussed earlier, a rain showerhead includes different water flow settings which makes it more convenient to use. However, if you don’t require a lot of water flow settings, then you can simply use a rain showerhead with a single water flow configuration. You can also look for a showerhead with multiple spray options if you would like to have the option of using different water flow settings.

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