5 Features to consider when buying a Kitchen Faucet

Are you looking for a good-quality Kitchen Faucet for your Kitchen? Not sure what you are looking for exactly? Well, that is not a problem because everyone faces this problem in the start. You are new to the whole Kitchen Faucet market and you aren’t sure what things to look out for.

That is why we have prepared this list of features that you need to consider when trying to find a good a Kitchen Faucet for your kitchen:

Easy Installation and Repair

The first thing you need to ask yourself is whether you are going to install or repair your Kitchen Faucet yourself? If the answer is yes, then it is crucial that you select a Kitchen Faucet that is easy to install and replace. This is easy to find because most new faucets are designed so that they can be installed quickly and automatically. However, it is important to find a Kitchen Faucet which comes with detailed instructions so that it will become easier for you to understand and install it in your kitchen.

Sinkhole Configuration

The next thing that you need to consider when buying a Kitchen faucet is the number of holes available in your sink.

This is important because if you buy a kitchen faucet which requires 3 sinkholes but your sink has only 1 or 2 holes then you won’t be able to install the kitchen faucet. So, make sure that you check your sink configuration and then buy a kitchen faucet which is compatible with it.

Number of Handles required

The next feature to consider is the number of handles that you require in your Kitchen Faucet. If you want to multitask and want to use just one hand to control your faucet’s water flow and temperature, then a single handle kitchen faucet is ideal for you. However, if you are looking for a kitchen faucet with separate handles for hot and cold water, then a double handle kitchen faucet would be the right one.

Sprayer or no Sprayer

Another feature to consider is the sprayer that comes with a lot of kitchen faucets. A sprayer is useful for people who want to access more sink area.

Kitchen Sprayer

You have  3 options available if you are looking for a kitchen faucet with a sprayer, i.e., a pull-out kitchen faucet, pull-down kitchen faucet and a kitchen faucet with side sprayer.

Water Filtration System

One of the most important feature to consider when buying a Kitchen Faucet is the water filtration system. A water filtration system will make sure that you get clean and germ-free water whenever needed and will be really helpful in reducing diseases that are caused due to impure water.

A lot of kitchen faucets now use the in-built water filtration systems and provide you with clean water to use. So, make sure that you choose a kitchen faucet which comes with this technology.

So, now that you know all about the features that you need to look out for, why not go and find the perfect Kitchen Faucet for your home?

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